Sunday, March 18, 2007

Art on Ice
After the ice skateing season finished the stars meet to perform in a great ice skating gala. This year I had the pleasure to watch it. Marcel and Sarah invited me to see this amazing show full of color and power on ice. We took the trip to Zürich with a fancy space bus. It looked like a plane. The Zürich Hallen Stadium is huge and it reminded me a bit of the Super Dome in Sydney. Gölä, a famous Swiss singer who lived in Australia for a while, clebrated his come back during the show. He used to sing in Swiss german... nice songs about swans and other topics :-). He rode his Harley Davidson on stage and performed in English while some ice skaters danced on the ice. The absolute highlight was Stéphane Lambiel the famous Swiss ice skater. He performed together with a Spanish Flamencco dancer.

Friday, March 16, 2007

February 2007
Sunday Afternoon

Sometimes we take little trips after church on Sunday. Here we went on a hill called Moosegg in Emmenthal.

This is the leadership team of my church. Iris, Dave and Alexandra. Andrew, my brother is missing.

Foundu by night

Cheese Fondue is a famous dish in Switzerland. Usually e eat it inside the well heated living room. This time we wanted to do it a little different. We took a lot of wood and the outdoor gear and made our way on the Oberdörferberg (1000 m ü. M.) on the Jura mountains. There we found two huge fire places. Someone was buring wood the whole day. So we only had to install the outdoor Fondue pan... et voilà. The Fondue tasted very well and even the dog really liked it.

The Zoo

On a nice sunny day I went with the family Schranz and my friend Elise to the zoo in Zürich. I like to go there and watch all the strange animals. Especially the Australian ones. My favourite is always the Rhino. I just like this huge peaceful grey monster with the horn on its nose. This day it did a great show for all the spectators. It klimbed over a fallen tree to sratch it self on its tommy. Somehow it got stuck on top of the tree. It took him a long time to get down the tree again. Very entertaining....
I was just watching the cute little seals with their huge black eyes when I suddenly discovered a very special bird in the next cage. Somehow Elise made her way inside the pinguin place and I had to take a picture of this brave move...