Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bollywood Film maker in Switzerland
After a busy x-mas time I enjoyed two weeks of holidays. I helped my brother and his wife to refurbish their new house. By the way, in July I will move into this house. It has a huge garden. I am sure we will have many BBQ.
Anyway at the end of my holidays Amar the king of tea came to see the land of chocolate and cheese. We spent a few days traveling around Switzerland and visiting all Hillsong Swissies. In Zürich we met Raffael. At Savoy at Bahnhofstrasse we had the most expensive coffee I ever drank: 7 AUD! Wow, we will never forget the taste of the bill :).
The next day we went to see Bern (the capitol and the most beautiful city in Switzerland… I am biased…I know). Tom and I tried to explain the meaning of all the statues, fountains and all the other old stuff and realized that we do not have a clou of all the historic sights in our city.

On Tuesday we took a little tour through Emmental and in Langnau we picked David up. A little later we arrived in Lucern and met Rahel. She guided through the second most beautiful city of Switzerland. She even prepared herself and read a tourist guide. Thanks Rahel for all the meaningful insights into the architecture of Lucern :).
On our last day we took a trip to Lenk, the place in the mountain where I have got the privilege to work. It was just like in a fairy tale. It was the most amazing sunny day and plenty of snow. It was the ideal scene for a Bollywood movie. Sadly enough Amar forgot his camera to shoot. What a shame.

To round the day up Amar cooked real Indian curry and made one last cup of tea. Thank’s Amar for all the tea, the talks and the fire which you made every day!
All right now I am back to work again. I am looking forward to celebrate each day of 2007. I am sure God will be amazing as usual and I am passionate to see His kingdom grow. I am not gonna shrink back. I want to live in His fullness and dance like no one is watching: simply out of the box! Love you God!


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