Sunday, March 18, 2007

Art on Ice
After the ice skateing season finished the stars meet to perform in a great ice skating gala. This year I had the pleasure to watch it. Marcel and Sarah invited me to see this amazing show full of color and power on ice. We took the trip to Zürich with a fancy space bus. It looked like a plane. The Zürich Hallen Stadium is huge and it reminded me a bit of the Super Dome in Sydney. Gölä, a famous Swiss singer who lived in Australia for a while, clebrated his come back during the show. He used to sing in Swiss german... nice songs about swans and other topics :-). He rode his Harley Davidson on stage and performed in English while some ice skaters danced on the ice. The absolute highlight was Stéphane Lambiel the famous Swiss ice skater. He performed together with a Spanish Flamencco dancer.


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