Saturday, April 21, 2007

12. - 17.4.2007

Norwegian Wedding
On the 14 April my friend Bodil got married. I met her in Sydney while we did both Bible college. Finally she found her husband and the mirical marriage could happen! It was such an honour to be there when Bodil and Kenneth started their journey as a married couple.

For once I put one my traditional Swiss dress. In Switzerland it would be very strange to wear it for a wedding but it is quiete usuall to wear it in Norway. I was impressed by all the Norwegian speeches and met all of Bodil's oncles and aunts and cousins....
I spent some days in sunny Norway. Doingt sight seeing in Stavanger. The fourth biggest city of Norway. There are some really nice beaches. Almost as nice as the ones in Syndey. Kenneth took us for a little boat trip in his hometown Sogndalstrand. The weather was just awesome and we really enjoyed the waves. During my stay in Stavanger I had some really nice food. For the first time in my life I tasted Reindeer which has been very nice!


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